Travel to Cuba : A worldwide right – An American Crime


Havana at Sunrise

The election of a Democratic controlled congress in 2008 led many of us to believe that the ban on travel to Cuba might finally be lifted. For a lot of reasons, it never happened. The question of if it ever will should be back on the table. Surprisingly there is talk that the Republican house majority may just be the best way to get it through, with Tea Party conservatives offering libertarian solutions which could force this draconian one of a kind foreign policy to the historical scrap-heap where it belongs.

Meanwhile the rest of the world continues to see Cuba as the safe and interesting vacation destination that it is. A British cruise liner has docked in Havana, and Cuban tourism officials are awaiting many more

The Brits also poked fun at the American Embargo and Travel Ban, laughing at our 50 year folly.

U.S. Congress delays vote on Cuba travel ban


Travel to Cuba has been put on the back burner until after the elections. This is getting very serious for those wanting to end the constitutionally questionable ban on Americans visiting this peaceful and friendly country.

La Habana, Cuba

Cuentapropistas (Self-Employed)


Latest on the potential new private sector in Cuba.

Make-up woman on a photo shoot in Havana

One of the bills to ease travel to Cuba is up for a vote .

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Travel to Cuba Petitions


Please sign this petition, and pass it on. The bill to end the travel ban may come up as early as next week.  With the expected changes in Congress next year, this could be the last chance in a long time to restore our constitutional  freedom to travel.

Wasting Millions on TV Marti


As a former television newsman, one thing I knew is that you could never miss the story. No matter what, no matter how, you had to get there and report it. So can you imagine missing a story like the Inauguration of the President of the United States? TV Marti did.  TV and Radio Marti are the Miami based propaganda effort that has spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars supposedly bringing free and uncensored news to the people of Cuba. The piece points out the nepotism which has been a part of the station since it was moved from Washington to Miami.  What also needs to be known is that TV Marti  CANNOT BE SEEN in Cuba, since the Cuban government blocks this propaganda from its airwaves. A bigger waste of our tax dollars is difficult to find.

Newspapers from across the country continue to call for an end to the travel ban.

In Louisville, Kentucky:|+Travel+to+Cuba

And the Boston Globe calls on Congress and the President to stop fighting the Cold War in Cuba.