Wasting Millions on TV Marti


As a former television newsman, one thing I knew is that you could never miss the story. No matter what, no matter how, you had to get there and report it. So can you imagine missing a story like the Inauguration of the President of the United States? TV Marti did.  TV and Radio Marti are the Miami based propaganda effort that has spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars supposedly bringing free and uncensored news to the people of Cuba. The piece points out the nepotism which has been a part of the station since it was moved from Washington to Miami.  What also needs to be known is that TV Marti  CANNOT BE SEEN in Cuba, since the Cuban government blocks this propaganda from its airwaves. A bigger waste of our tax dollars is difficult to find.


Newspapers from across the country continue to call for an end to the travel ban.

In Louisville, Kentucky:


And the Boston Globe calls on Congress and the President to stop fighting the Cold War in Cuba.