The Peoples Republic of Florida


Some Cubans in Florida continue to try to live by their own rules, despite what the rest of the country does. The latest example of this idiocy came to light last week when President Obama lifted some restrictions for academics traveling to Cuba. It was praised at Universities around the country as a reopening of educational visits between our two countries. But not in Florida. Those academics, ostensibly working in the United States, will not be able to take part in these new regulations because the StateĀ  of Florida prohibits contact with Cuba. Once again, hard- line Cuban exile politicians have exerted their power to block the laws of America in order to carry out their political vendetta against the people and government of Cuba. Read it here;

Reaction to Cuba Economic News


Here is something from the Washington Post, followed by my comment published September 18, 2010

Pinar del Rio, Cuba

For more than 100 years we in the U.S. have viewed Cuba from our perspective. We got rid of the Spanish, but increased our economic hold with the help of corrupt puppet governments. When the Castros came in with their version of Cuban independence, we could not understand it, since it did not allow us to continue to control the island. Following the lead of exile politicians in Miami, we have made mistake after mistake in trying to tell the Cubans how they should run their country. We are always assured that the end is near for the Revolutionary government if we would just keep up the pressure. So how has that worked for us for the past half century? Ending the economic blockade against Cuba, and the unconstitutional travel ban against the American people is long overdue.