Reaction to Cuba Economic News


Here is something from the Washington Post, followed by my comment published September 18, 2010

Pinar del Rio, Cuba

For more than 100 years we in the U.S. have viewed Cuba from our perspective. We got rid of the Spanish, but increased our economic hold with the help of corrupt puppet governments. When the Castros came in with their version of Cuban independence, we could not understand it, since it did not allow us to continue to control the island. Following the lead of exile politicians in Miami, we have made mistake after mistake in trying to tell the Cubans how they should run their country. We are always assured that the end is near for the Revolutionary government if we would just keep up the pressure. So how has that worked for us for the past half century? Ending the economic blockade against Cuba, and the unconstitutional travel ban against the American people is long overdue.

Pastors for Peace Founder Lucius Walker Dies at 80


Americans  who support normal relations with Cuba have lost a great friend.  I had the opportunity to meet the Reverend Walker at Cuba Solidarity Day in Washington D.C. in 2004. His annual US-Friendship Caravans to Cuba in defiance of the immoral embargo against Cuba were an act of true civil disobedience . He brought  computers and medicines to the island, but as  importantly, exposed many young activists to the idea that it was sometimes necessary to act contrary to U.S. policy when that policy (the economic blockade of Cuba)  is wrong.

Lucius Walker